Almost an Accident

Floating above the freeway, I’m amazed at the mass of vehicles flowing
at slow speeds towards thousands of destinations. I have the sound off
so it is quite.

I noticed an older man, a Ralph Bennett, from his memory, suddenly
grimace in pain. His heart had stopped and he was going under, losing
control of his body.

He slumped over the steering wheel veering towards on coming traffic. I
can see that unless corrected, the car would jump the median and hit on
coming traffic, perhaps killing his body and others.

I seized control of his body and corrected the path of the car. Looking
quickly, I noticed a small blockage stopping his heart.  I disintegrated it
and intended the heart to start functioning again.

Ralph, in terror, had risen just above the vehicle. I calmed him with a
thought letting him know all was well.

He resumed control of his body and the car.

Ralph, not being free nor educated, would go home and tell about
almost having an accident; how he had passed out and imagined a
heart failure. He would probably pass it off as illusion.

Meanwhile, I continued to float, being where I am, helping…

Written C1986
Carl Watts ©2008-2013 12/9/08 modified 4/1/09
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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