Aging and Illness

It seems that aging and illness are unavoidable. But are they?

Just before writing this, I watched a movie about the
old gods. Part of the
definition of God is that God is immortal. Immortals do not age.

I'm going to express my opinions in this article. I'm not sure I'm going to try to
support  all the points because all the “evidence” is contrary in most people's

What is Illness?

I almost didn't answer that question. Illness is a non-optimum performance of
a body usually accompanied by pain and discomfort. If you're on Earth and a
human, you've experienced illness. Related article
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Illness is caused by several different factors or a combination of them:
nutrition, toxins, stress or depression, loss or threat of loss, accidents.

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What is Aging?

Many centuries ago in the Veda, the cycle of life was mentioned. Birth,
growth, decline, death were listed as the cycle of life or something like that.

Bodies go through a cycle of action. A cycle of action is Start, Change, Stop.
Birth would be start, growth and decline would be change. Death is stop.

That is pretty simple.

Everything in the physical universe starts at some point, goes through change
of some sort and eventually ends. Rocks go through this cycle slowly unless
something outside speeds it up.

Human bodies are not as durable as rocks.

Rocks are not alive.

Life is a Variable!

Rocks lack life. Rocks are simple matter, energy, space and time.

Human bodies have an additional ingredient, LIFE!

Here on Earth, in general, bodies last about 70 years. Would you say that is
accurate more or less? So, that would be an agreement, right?

It is that agreement that decides how long the cycle of life of a body lasts?
What if you disagree, would you live longer? I think so!


To complicate life with the human body, we have a dangerous environment.

It used to be man was at risk of fire, freezing, starving, tigers, floods and so

Today, man has conquered most of the elements. Man's worse threats today
are the few truly insane on this planet: banksters, bigpharma/biochemicals,
radiation, chemtrails.... There seems to be the idea of a few that many should
die, and they get to chose who, so that they, the few, can continue to live like
fat cats!

Radiation may ruin this planet. But there hope!

Breaking Agreement

Even if you try to break the agreement of a body dying after 70 years or so,
the insane elite would like to see you ill and suffering to enrich their coffers!

So you wind up with a toxic loaded body. Those toxins soon kill your body.

If you seek “medical treatment” they merely increase the toxins greatly via
drugs and radiation to speed you on your way while charging you or your
insurance company vast sums of money!

A human with a toxic body is very profitable. Just look at cancer, heart
disease, diabetes, hypertension, all symptoms of a toxic body.

All of the “medical advances” have been effectively nullified by the toxic world
man has created. Man may live longer but living longer while constantly
suffering is not a good “advancement”.

Yes, there are some cases where the medical profession save lives.

Happens every day!

I believe the medical profession, the people, at least started out trying to save
lives and ease suffering. They have failed for the most part and actually
prevented real cures.

Cures are not profitable, illness is. Good health is not profitable, illness is!

The medical profession/pharma has not improved life but actually lessened
the quality of it!

No Nutrition

The human body is designed to handle natural toxins IF, I repeat myself, IF it
has proper nutrition and the toxins are not too intense. Many of the man made
toxins are very difficult for the body to handle. An example is mercury and
aluminum in vaccines! These are extremely damaging and difficult to
eliminate! See related article
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To give some reality on this, I have been working since November 2007 to get
the mercury out of my body, it is still there though is much smaller amounts. It
is still causing me body problems as of this writing!

The farming techniques today are to designed to grow plump large produce
for profit. This commercially grown food is almost devoid of nutrition!

To make that worse, they are genetically modifying foods making them toxic
as well as devoid of nutrition!

How to Stop Aging.

Most people would say that's impossible. But are they correct?

I don't know. My body seems to age regardless of supplying good nutrition.

I believe the key factor is the “agreement” of society. Even while I disagree, at
every hand, age is being exhibited.

My friends talk about my age. I silently disagree, no point is upsetting them.

I find I get thoughts about “age” to be used as an excuse. I rapidly eliminate
those thoughts but they keep coming up. It seems that my body itself,
separate from me, has agreements with other bodies about aging!

However, I haven't decided yet that aging is truly unavoidable.

Are Beings Immortal?

I will let you answer that. I can say with certainty that I am not worried about

However, I'm interested in continuing this life with this body so that I can
continue helping others.

I am happy and confident. I know with absolute certainty that I'm going to
continue to exist. Bodies perish, being never do.

If you have questions about this article and the theories I've expressed,
contact me.

©2012  by Carl Watts/  061012 edited 072412 071715
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