A Round About Way

I slowly approached a small earth-like planet. I had been in free space for a long time and wanted to
take a direct part in life.

I enveloped the planet in a clear fog-like cover and noted the most advanced physical life form as a
human type creature.

hese creatures seemed to reside in the tree cover of the largest land body. There was no rush. After a
time, I spotted a large male standing proudly in a tall tree.

I extended my attention down to the animal like a cloud funneling ending where he was.  

Healthy and strong, I decide to use this body to play my games on this world and the forms living there.

Silently and without notice, I took control of the body. I was right, it was strong. I flexed the muscles and
stretched the limbs in excitement.

As I relaxed, the reflexes of the body fought my control. And dam-it, as things would be, the struggle
caused the body to fall from the tree.

I with drew immediately and followed the body to the ground some thirty feet below. The body was

I again entered and too
k control. The pain stuck me with staggering force. The right forearm was
broken and bent at right angle to normal.

I blocked the pain from the arm to survey for other possible damage. None.

I entered the arm slowly as the electrical disturbances caused by the injury were rough. I contacted the
finger tips and started my work.

I had the hand grasp a root and pulled form the shoulder to straighten the arm and held it in that
position. The cellular structure was simple so I fed energy to the bone and started to knit the break.

In about an hour and forty-five minutes, it was as good as new.

It is pretty good feeling to know that I was able to do this, while still encircling the planet. I did decide to
be more complete in my control next time. I could have lost the body completely!


Carl Watts ©2008
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