During the working day
Motion and noise everywhere
Lights flashing, people dashing
Cars speeding on their way.

Too much noise in a normal day
The bus roars by, the wind blows in
People talking, commercials barking
It’s a wonderful game to play.

But sometimes I want to retreat
The noise I feel I have to beat
I drop between the notes
To the silence in between.

No motion in between
No flashing lights to be seen
No noise between the notes
No sounds, I just float around.

The world stops moving by
No motion at all when I retreat
To the silence in between
It is my private and personal retreat.

You can visit too
All you have to do
Is look and listen
Look between the images flashing by.
You’ll see me there between the notes
Floating in the silence in between
Come visit me.

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com
A Quiet Retreat Between
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3/19/09, 4/1/09
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