One morning, I was thinking
Thinking of calling the minstrel’s bluff
As I sat there in the sun
Feeding the dog. You know
Toe jam and naval fluff
The dog didn’t care,
He seemed to like the stuff
I was thinking of calling the minstrel’s bluff

So I took off on a flight
High up into the air,
Into the bright sun light.
Being a hungry dragon,
When I saw a bird go by.
I zoomed right over
And gave the bird a quick fry.
Snapping it up as I went by
Fried bird, interesting stuff.
I was thinking of calling the minstrels bluff.

I flew down,
Down to the ground,
Caused an earth quake.
Just then, I happened to notice
Right before my right eye
A very large house fly.
A pitcher plant
Had caught the fly
In its attractive water,
The fly was about to die.

Well, I wanted some water
So I licked up the fly
The pitcher plant and it water too.
I guess it was a good morning
For both to die
Tasty plant, water and fly!

Well I had more water from the lake
I sprung to the air to help keep me awake
A sleeping dragon can cause trouble
Sleeping by the lake
The water may start to bubble

So off I went back to the castle,
Really just a large shack
Before taking my nap,
I thought a large snack

To the kitchen I went in
Oh! Much to my chagrin
The ants were on my counter again
Stretching from end to end

This has happened before
Ants are such a bore
So I took a small breath
And roasted the lot
Tasty ants, I like them a lot

I just don’t like unwanted guest
If only they’d knock and not make a mess
I’d let them in, with a big grin
Then I roast the lot of them!
Nice snack, ants and flies and stuff
Nice game calling the minstrel’s bluff

Try again my minstrel friend
But watch out for the end
The last challenger, some time back,
A worthy opponent, became my lunch snack.

©2009 Carl Watts
A Fantasy Flight
Page created 1/18/09, modified
3/19/09, 4/1/09
This poem originated based on
a challenge by a minstrel. He
gave the following subjects:
"Here is your challenge from me
(I'm trying to be cute, now, so be
prepared!): write beautamous*
poems addressing    
1. toe jam or perhaps naval fluff,
2. how dragons cook their meat
before they eat it,    
3. a fly caught in the water of a
carnivorous pitcher plant,    
4. ants on the kitchen counter."

I looked up "beautamous" on the
internet: "combo of beautiful and
fabulous. Could be used for a
compliment or sarcasm."
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