Solutions: Morning Message       3/21/11 Repeated 6/23/15

This is my morning message to my friends and family.

My personal situation is pretty good. My wife is working and our expenses are
low. We have a solid roof and food is available.

But I know that not everyone is as comfortable. Many are living at the risk of
not seeing tomorrow's sun.

Japan needs our prayers, food, money, shelter and many, a new place to live.
It's hard to see how, what I am fond of saying, "every thing will be alright".

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Disaster Preparation.

What I wanted to address is how we deal with our personal situations...

I thought early this morning that there is still at least one thing we have power
of choice over: How we deal with situations!

We can either attack the problems of existence with
everything we've got or not!

Our basic choices are to do something or nothing, to live and work to
overcome the elements and our fellow man or to decide to give up and die.*

I choose to live, to work, to do every thing I can to make this planet a safer
place for our families, you and me.

YOU do make a difference and can cause change!

Support a group that is trying to bring about improvement! Organized groups
do make bigger impacts than an individual. See my article "
New Civilization".

Earth can get better for man. It also can get a lot worse!

Which way the future goes is up to YOU! If you pray, I suggest you do so but
I’ve also heard that God helps those that help themselves!

If you wait on someone else to handle it, it may never get handled and all hell
can break loose.

I have
children who I wish to succeed in life and have a chance to raise my
grandchildren in a decent world!

Help me by starting to do something. You can
always do more!

Go on the internet and get involved! Don’t be “too busy” to be responsible.
That simple allows the current scene to continue. Do something!

I am creating #AwesomeTeam on Twitter.

I have defined that here:  #AwesomeTeam to read!

We created a great civilization. The governments didn’t do this. We raised or
are raising our children. The governments didn’t and would certainly
them and ruin them.

We don’t want war. The governments want it as it profits the criminally insane
industries of war, international bankers, Big Pharma, Chemical and their
insane friends. If war was a solution, the problems should have been cured,
seems they have multiplied just like they wanted!

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Conflicts on Earth!

As I have said before, they are few and we are many!

YOU can make a difference.

Your choices and actions or inaction WILL create the
future for you and generations to come.

See my article "New Civilizations" by clicking here.

* You are Immortal. Dying will simply lose your current place in society and
reduce you to an infant that can't control the new body and owns nothing!

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