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This is a response I wrote as I disagree an author's statement in an article*, especially the last part about opinions.
Here is the original that I'm quoting
    "This debasement of truth stems from two misguided beliefs that many Americans hold. They affect much of American society and
    define the American psyche. One belief is that the truth emerges from a debate between adversaries. The other is the belief that
    everyone has a right to his/her own opinion."*

I actually feel the author is practicing having his own opinion. So here is my response:

I don't know if everyone has a right to an "opinion" or not. But I know everyone does have many opinions! Opinion is thinking.

I know everyone has a viewpoint. A viewpoint is looking and seeing and is senior to thinking. You can't think without data, seeing what is.
Thinking without data, is opinion.

The viewpoint of an orange for you and the viewpoint of the same orange for me is not the same. Our viewpoints can be very similar. It
can be so similar, we agree we see that orange.

The Author's Opinion

The author certainly make less of America and Americans. Granted there are many imperfections but look at the coorporations and
government. The government is not the people! The American people are pretty much like the people of any nation on Earth.

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"Who Has the Right to INSULT You?" or any nation's of population! Click to read.

If we change places exactly, we will see the "same orange" but it's now older, not much but it is not
exactly the same as it's older now.

On conclusions, correctness, rightness or wrongness, are all relative terms. There are no absolutes. What's good for the duck hunter is
not viewed as good from the ducks viewpoint.

If we have the same data, we should arrive at the same conclusion, verdict etc.

Is the conclusion correct or the best conclusion? That would depend on the data we observed and have to compute with. And...

False data will yield a false answer.

The earth is flat was wrong. Commonly now, it is thought to be round, a sphere but it's not exactly a sphere nor perfectly round.

Experts, military, politicians who enter their opinion and personal agendas into matters, rather than just the facts, are either dishonest or
insane, perhaps both.

Truth, reality, is what is agreed upon.

We both see something therefore we believe it to be true. New data arrives and we find we were both not correct and change our
viewpoint to a new conclusion or truth, a new reality for us.

Who set the author of the article up to Judge who has a right or not?

Any time someone says someone else doesn't have a right to something, I wonder. Rarely, if ever, are they correct!

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"Judgment of Self or Others" by clicking here.

Why can people not have their own opinions based on their observations? Will the opinion be true? The opinions will only relatively so
based on their data, honesty and sanity.

The sane and honest people do their best to arrive at accurate conclusions. Their conclusions will be as true and accurate as they can be
based on their reality.

Too many "leaders" are dishonest and insane and hence add lies and arbitrary facts into their thinking and "leadership."

End of response :-)

I certainly have opinions and viewpoints. Are they correct? Yes, as far as I can see and figure out.

To put out an opinion I knew was false would make me a newspaper, lawyer, politician or big pharma representative
or plainly put: a liar and or psycho!

I hope my viewpoint/opinion helps you have more certainty in your viewpoint and contribute you using facts where
possible and not unfounded opinions.

I want to do something about the world! See my article
New Civilization!

Have a great day!


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*The article was: Knowledge, Truth and Human Action: America Hits the Wall. Click to view.

Edited 11/4/11, 4/11/12
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