When I wrote this 11/26/09, it was Thanksgiving. The idea I was promoting then and now is that we still have hope and a bright future!

I know that in some areas of the world all is not correct. It seems the world has generally gotten worse in the last 2.5 years since I wrote this.

In fact there probably seems to be little if anything to give thanks for in the mist of poverty and war that plague many areas. See related article:
Conflicts on Earth!

To those people that still hope and work for a better future, I believe I can make a difference by exposing the few criminally insane leaders
that want war, suffering, and want to keep people down so they can better be controlled. They do this as they are complete cowards. They
believe that if people got better or stronger, they would be dangerous to the leaders. These insane would actually like to see everyone dead.
That is how insane they are!

The "leader", that grinds his heel into the public, is not really a leader but a suppressor, a destroyer. To mention a few: energy, big
Agra/GMO, pharmaceutical, weapons and in government/Banksters et al. See related article:
Conflicts on Earth.

The only saving point is they are few and we are many. When the good guys get together, the little hitlers fall.

I know it's easy to give advice when all seems well but I'll risk it anyway. Communicate.

Communicate a lot and often. Spread the data about the situations. Get the strength of the good guys behind you and things may get better!
The easiest and fastest way to reach a lot of people at no cost is
Twitter. See my tip both basic and advanced!

As long as you are alive there is hope. And if you are alive, you can find a new beginning and a lot of hope. And so live goes on.

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As I mentioned above, in today's world, there are many situations that are less than ideal. We have a few insane people making it that way.
See related article:
Conflicts on Earth.

Each of us can do something to improve life on this planet. The very least is to know your right! Visit my page on the
Universal Declaration of
Human Right passed by the UN in 1948...click here.

If you are an American, read the Constitution. Though regardless of which country you live in, know your rights!

You need to know the agreement that made America or your nation great. You need to read The Constitution. If you have difficulty, there are
summaries. Here's a good one:
"The People's Guide to the United States Constitution” by Dave Kluge on Amazon.com.

Also, you can obtain copies of The Constitution at no cost from The Heritage Foundation.   

If not an American, I am sure their are similar resources you can acquire. #KnowledgeIsPower!

Another small thing, you can do is, instead of growling at that other motorist, let it go. Smile at them!  Doing nothing positive is contributing to
the massive agreement “nothing can be done about it.”  THAT IS NOT TRUE. I believe something can always be done about it!  My plan,
which is doable is outlined in
New Civilization.

My Plan: New Civilization

I intend for earth and life on it get much better! You may think I'm crazy which says you disagree with me or are willing for the death of mankind
or at least slavery of 99% of us.

You can do something creative, positive or you can moan and be part of the problem.

Your exchange with yourself, your family, mankind and beyond depends on your actions or in actions.

Silent people are part of the problem.

Low toned whining people, shaking in fear, supporting suppressive governments, with their give away programs, are part of the problem.

See my plan:
New Civilization!

So join me and the thousands more that are working to reverse the decline of civilization at the hands of the

#AwesomeTeam And Positive Attitude

My creation of #AwesomeTeam is a tool to spread information, truth, to give hope, cheer and good will and to protect freedom and to save

To be effective, I need more followers and many more people willing to Retweet my contents.

I speak about our group here:
Twitter People Are Far Above Average and Why?

But my intentions are true and are explained in my article
New Civilization.

Join me.

My family, your family, our groups and mankind ARE worth saving.

In the future when all is said and done, will you have stood by watching life perish or will you have given it a shot to do something about it?

#AwesomeTeam Hope and Expansion.

Together we are stronger than we are individually!

As part of
#AwesomeTeam you can help! RT this data and my other content to help wake up the world before its too late!

Volunteer to do more. Then you can say you gave it an honest effort. YOU HELPED!

If we can impact enough people, perhaps we can turn the tide of darkness into a flood of light.

Keep up the positive out flow of smiles and information to your fellow man. Communicate! That's what this whole article is

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#AwesomeTeam Day2U! :-) #PEACE

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