America, What's good about it?

When there is a disaster on earth, the people of America help. We help no
matter who is in trouble. Even our government sents assistance in materials,
personal and funds.

But it is the people that fuel all the assistance, all the aid. It is our dollar, our

I watched an interesting video done in 1948:
"Make Mine Freedom"

In America, the people really don't hate. Here and there, people get stirred up
and loud but the bulk of America is simply wanting to have a good life and
want others succeed.


You will never get this impression from the media, newspaper, TV etc. There
are fear mongers, hate mongers that are always trying to create conflict, pain
and suffering.

For example, big pharma/CDC and the World Health Org, work hand in hand
to create fear and a very profitable market for their untested vaccines.

It was the WHO and big pharma that created the current "pandemic".

The virus was created and released to give them an early chance. I believe it
was Baxter that has a 2 year old patent on the vaccine for today's "swine flu".
The only swine are the drug companies and the WHO.

By the way rumor is, the Philippine court found the WHO guilty of sterilizing
3,000,000 Filipino women involuntarily! So you really have to watch
government organizations. WHO did start the Swine Flu Pandemic!

But, back to America.

I've been into several countries. In each land, the people have been nice to
me and willing to help.

It is clear they too are trying to survive and are not evil two headed monsters
as the media makes all out to be. It is the land of the free and of opportunity!
It's beautiful (so are other countries!)

In America, we do have many freedoms still intact. There is hope. No one is
shooting at me or my family. My home is safe. I drive a nice vehicle on road
that are pretty good. You might take a minute and watch this entertaining
of  Dr Anita Pepi, DC, a Trusted Source of Info
...Click to view!

There are libraries and internet access is everywhere.

It is pretty well still free to be used. Communication is still flowing freely
though big media is controlled by the same groups that are trying to collapse
the dollar, drug the world and make slaves of us all.

But it hasn't happened yet and it never will!

God Bless America

"God Bless America" is still heard and is still true. Any nation that denies the
spiritual nature of man is on it's way out!

While I may not agree with all religions, I believe the basic idea of helping man
survive and giving hope for a future is good and is the foundation of any

I don't know of any religion that hopes to see man enslaved. So I support
freedom of religion as well as the other rights of man!

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