10/16/09 Cops: Unfriendly Activities

Have you ever been driving down the road and looked up to notice the cop with the radar gun glaring at you?

Makes you feel Glendale or Los Angeles might be unfriendly, right?

And so it is. Apparently they are interested in revenue not friendliness.

The prosperous Americana and Galleria depend on huge amounts of people coming from all over LA to shop and spend in Glendale.

Perhaps passing out tickets like left over garage sale items is not wise for Glendale. Passing out parking tickets ever few seconds is not
the smartest thing for a city that is doing great.

Why be so damn unfriendly?

Around where I live, I’ve noticed a huge amount of police activity. There’s been no crime spree, no alarm. Just Revenuing! It gets to be
pretty obvious when the cops are only after a buck and not the crook. Where is their attention? Radar guns do not catch crooks! Hanging
around in the convenience store parking lot watching for someone to roll through the traffic light making their turn does not prevent much

Most citizens are attempting to follow the laws and do the right thing. They are doing their absolute best!

The police should target the criminals not the citizens affluent enough to shop in the up scale malls, who are able to drive nice cars. When
you pick on the motorist, the ones able and smart enough to be able to support themselves and a vehicle, you are punishing the very life
source of America.

Do you think this is clear? I have my doubts.

I have a few articles about Glendale and their parking vultures and the police’s over enthusiasm. From what I’ve observed, Glendale is
worse than LA but only a little.

So my tip to you is watch out for cops looking to impose huge fines you for some minor rule

He’s not looking for a criminal, he’s Revenuing!

But be nice to him, he too is doing his best and probably blindly following orders to bring in the cash! He probably is stuck between a
rock and a hardspace with no choice on what to do with his time at work (protecting us).

What you can do is write the local politicians and request they back off on the Revenuing and actually put their valuable officers into
investigating and solving crimes!

They can do it
if they put their attention on crime instead of making a buck off you and me!

Have a great day!


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