Solutions: State of the World

It is clear that we have allowed the politician, elected or not, to run the
governments of world.

It is also clear that far too often, those politicians are corrupt, profit motivated

They commit treason against the people they should be representing. They
commit treason against the nations as their actions harm those nations. This
has accumulated into our current degraded situation.

This has happened because WE have allowed it. Yes!
YOU do make a
and can cause change! One vote, one voice, does add to the

If you do not vote, you are saying you have no power, no voice. GET OUT

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good
conscience to remain silent." Thomas Jefferson

Every time we ask or allow a government to regulate an
area or subject, we lose control.

always tax us for controlling that area or subject!

They always stretch the meaning of the laws to cover things they should not.
Like a clause in the interstate commerce law not being applied to raw milk. Or
the FDA, restricting free speech because they haven't approved the

So our control, our responsibility is shifted over to the government. If we are
lucky, an honest few may do a good job. Unfortunately, on the federal level, I
can’t think of a single example though I am sure there are some honest

Government people rarely take care of us as well as we would. While it is a
generality with exceptions, government employees simply do not care.

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Governments, Solution For.

But it is OUR failure to be responsible that is the basic

We must regain control and responsibility! Force and violence are not

The way to do this is by communicating to those cowards in Washington and
other seats of government. We must tell them what we demand. In America,
we need to vote replacements in replacing those that commit treason and
rubber stamp bills without reading them. Send emails, faxes, letters and call

There are only a few truly bad guys trying to ruin earth and mankind for their
profit: The international bankers, the pharmaceutical and chemical companies,
the military industrial complex and big government. That about covers a
majority of them those I’m sure I neglected a few.

It is not the “government” but the few inside the

It is the international bankers, not the tellers, who are pulling the strings. They
own the pharmaceutical, chemical, and weapons industries and are trying to
take over world healthcare. The criminal organization, the WHO, is one of
their international arms. I’m afraid that the UN has become their virtual throne.

Healthcare will become a method of population control and a huge profit for
them. Genetically modified food will keep the population ill, under control.
Drugs to treat every symptom will profit them.

So OUR neglect to communicate can spell a dark future!

But it doesn't have to be dark! Support
a group that is trying to bring about
improvement! Organized groups do make bigger impacts than an individual.
See my article "
New Civilization!"

Do your best to not look at personal profit in your decisions as the only factor.
Look at the big picture. Think of the future your actions will create.

Earth can get better for man.

It can get a lot worse!

Which way the future goes is up to YOU! If you pray, I suggest you do so but
I've heard that God helps those that help themselves!

If you wait on someone else to handle it, it may never get handled and all hell
can break loose.

I have
children who I wish to succeed in life and have a chance to raise my
grandchildren in a decent world!

Help me by putting down the drink, turning off the TV, and contacting the
governor, the president, congress, parliament, the king or whatever official
you can.

Go on the Internet and get involved!

Don’t be “too busy” to be responsible. That simply allows the current scene to
continue. Do something!

We created a great civilization. The governments didn’t do this. We raised or
are raising our children. The governments didn’t and would certainly
and ruin them.

We don’t want war.

The governments do! The international bankers was war. The military
industrial complex wants ware. War profits these industries.

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YOU can make a difference. Your actions or inaction
WILL create the future for you and generations to come.

Should you be curious, I have listed various other points that you may find of
interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

©2009  by Carl Watts/  11/04/09 edited 6/5/12 031313
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